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Written by on January 29, 2023

MEDFORD, Ore. — Two organizations are partnering to bring entertainment opportunities to the Rogue Valley.

Randall Theatre Company is operated by Ghostlight Playhouse located in Downtown Medford. The non-profit provides live entertainment to local residences. Rockafairy is a hall located at 31 West 6th Street in Medford. The hall gives people of all ages the leisure to collaborate with other artists in the area.

John Wing, Executive Director of Randall Theatre Company said the collaboration is a perfect match.

“Since then we’ve just been coming up with good ideas,” says Wing. “About how to benefit music education in the Rogue Valley and hopefully allow community members to support downtown businesses.”

The first joint event the two hosted is a weekly open mic for musicians of all ages every Friday evening.

Shane Ross, President of Rockafairy said the two non-profits plan on working on ways the community can support music education.

“This partnership provides an interlock between a musician’s working space,” and performing space,” says Ross. “Particularly, one that provides people of all ages within the community to experience the artists and what we’re putting together here.”

Wing said joining together can create a possible mentorship program for up-and-coming artists.

“We like to have just entertainment on our stage as it is,” says Wing. “But as a non-profit, if we can then use that opportunity to also bring up those next wave of talent, the younger kids. You know, it makes sense for both of our non-profits.”

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