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What would you do if you had another person’s baby? See more at the! * * * #RickeySmileyMorningShow

15-year-old #EthanCrumbley is being charged as an adult for the shooting at #OxfordHighSchool in Michigan and we’re asking should parents face the same charges? See more at the! * * * #RickeySmileyMorningShow

The show discusses this social media debate on boys playing with kitchen sets, comment your thoughts below. See more at the! * * * #RickeySmileyMorningShow

Thanksgiving will look different this year due to the #coronavirus pandemic. How are you spending this holiday season? Are you doing business as normal or changing things up. See more at the! * * * #RickeySmileyMorningShow

Today is Fun Friday and we’re talking about what we’re tired of. In 2021, we’re definitely tired of COVID-19, Donald Trump, and we rant about the other thing that’s getting on our nerves recently. See more at the! * * * #RickeySmileyMorningShow #COVID19 #DONALDTRUMP

With #DonaldTrump leaving office soon, listeners call in and share what they would do if they were in congress and could have their way with our current president. See more at the! * * * #RickeySmileyMorningShow

In light of #GorillaGlueGirl, we asked our listeners what is the stupidest thing you’ve done that you regret. See more at the! * * * #RickeySmileyMorningShow

#ValentinesDay is this weekend and we’re talking about showing your love on social media. See more at the! * * * #RickeySmileyMorningShow

#LionelRichie clearly doesn’t care about an age gap, but do you? The Rickey Smiley Morning Show discusses whether if age really matters in a relationship. See more at the! * * * #RickeySmileyMorningShow

Both Texas and Mississippi are opening up 100% and lifting their mask mandates. The Rickey Smiley Morning Show discusses if it’s too soon for citizens to remove their masks. What do you think? #GregAbbott #maskmandate #coronavirus See more at the! * * * #RickeySmileyMorningShow

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