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(Image credit: Warner Bros) Including Elemental, The Flash, Indiana Jones and Spider-Man – Nicholas Barber lists this month’s unmissable releases. (Credit: 21 Laps Entertainment) 1. The Boogeyman The Boogeyman is all about slimy creatures that burst out of bedroom cupboards to prey on children – but don’t get it confused with Pixar’s Monsters, Inc. It’s […]

Vocal fold nodules are another concern for many singers, but they aren’t caused by colds or infections, according to Costello. “Nodules develop over time when a singer brings their vocal folds together with a lot of energy. If you’ve got quite a loud voice, then you can end up with thickening calluses on your vocal […]

Gen Z and young millennials’ surprising obsession (Image credit: Esther Abrami, Getty Images) A radical new wave of artists are sweeping the previously elite world of classical music – with a little help from Squid Game, Dark Academia and fashion. Daisy Woodward explores how classical got cool. I If asked to guess what under 25-year-olds […]

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Gary With Da Tea​ reported about Mariah Carey​ on “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show​,” and Da Brat​ stood up for good friend! Hear Da Brat come for Gary, and get more of his Tea about LL Cool J​, Will Smith​, Jada Pinkett Smith​, Oprah Winfrey​ and Gayle King​. #RSMS #GarysTea

Headkrack opens up the phone lines to hear what listeners of “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” had to say about Pusha T’s Drake diss “The Story Of Aldidon.” More from the #HipHopSpot here… #RSMS

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