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Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagicIt looks like¬†Cardi B¬†is already¬†enjoying the single life.¬† On Tuesday, the “WAP” rapper updated fans on her new single life, sharing¬†a few eye-catching¬†photos on Instagram. In the first, Cardi posed in a red leather devil-ish catsuit¬†with giant red horns and matching red nails. “Single, bad and rich,” she¬†wrote¬†in the caption.¬†“I do the controlling.” Next, Cardi […]

Entertainment OneThese days,¬†Southern Hummingbird¬†Tweet¬†is bursting with love, happiness and “unconditional” love, as heard on her new¬†single,¬†“Never Felt This Way.” The¬†melodic track details a¬†fulfilling relationship, which¬†Tweet says she¬†now experiences in real-life.¬† “Well, the inspiration came from after getting over a rough heartbreak. I really desired to find someone that could show me a form of love […]

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Jacopo Raule/Getty ImagesHalle Berry is dating¬†Van Hunt!¬† The 54-year-old actress simultaneously confirmed her new relationship and the¬†identity of the¬†new man¬†in her life on Thursday. The announcement came in the form of an Instagram post which featured Berry rocking a black t-shirt, with Hunt’s name across the chest in an orange-reddish hue. “now ya know,” she […]

ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty ImagesWhen¬†Halle Berry¬†made history becoming the first Black¬†woman to win Best Actress at the 2002 Academy Awards for¬†Monster’s Ball, she truly believed¬†that she¬†was¬†the first of many Black women to receive¬†the honor.¬†¬† Nearly 20 years later, however, Berry is still¬†the only Black actress to have won it, which she¬†calls a “heartbreak.” In an […]

Photo credit: Zack DeZonSasheer Zamata is excited for fans to see her in the new Hulu series Woke, where she’ll get to tap into her conscious side. Zamata tells ABC Audio that unlike other series, which may focus¬†on social justice and issues concerning race,¬†her new¬†series doesn’t hold back on delving into sensitive topics. “I like […]

Emilio CoochieEarlier this week,¬†Megan Thee Stallion¬†continued her “Hot Girl Summer”¬† by making a return to the virtual stage with a performance at Visible‚Äôs Red Rocks Unpaused festival. In a¬†recent¬†Vogue¬†interview, the Houston hottie said she’s been “writing a lot” and staying focused on her music since¬†the release of her “WAP” collaboration with¬†Cardi B. “No matter what, […]

Derek BlanksBrandy says the past eight years¬†haven’t been easy, which is why fans had to wait so long for new music.¬† In an interview with¬†People, the “I Wanna Be Down” singer opened up about her mental health struggles¬†and how her daughter¬†Sy’rai¬†saved her. “I was a little bit lost eight years ago musically, creatively, spiritually,” Brandy […]

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