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‘Princess’ teens pictured in prom dresses minutes before tragedy on way to school ball The names of two young girls killed on their way to prom have been released – as well heart-breaking final images of the pair. Images of Largy College students Kiea McCann, 17, and Dlava Mohammed, 16, have been released, taken shortly […]

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Roxy Zinger, a 31-year-old adult star, struggled with the rare condition called swallow syncope since she was a child and her ‘head would hit the plate’ every time she ate An adult star says she feels “liberated” after undergoing surgery to cure her of a life-threatening disease which meant she passed out every time she […]

Real Madrid see Harry Kane as the best available option to replace Karim Benzema, sources have told ESPN, but the club are looking at other candidates as they are aware that signing the forward from Tottenham will be difficult. The England captain, who has scored 32 goals this season, has the right profile to play […]

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See more at! *… *… * #RickeySmileyMorningShow

How damaging a strike would be would depend on its length, but a strike of even a few days could lead to a cascade of events that would disrupt supply chains for weeks, industry officials warn. WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden, lawmakers and business leaders are warning of an economic crisis should the country’s railroad […]

Tall 6ft woman rakes in £250k a month on OnlyFans as height is her superpower Marie Temara, 27, spent years feeling insecure about her height before she started making mega bucks on OnlyFans. It turns out many people get turned on by super long legs, as men can’t get enough A woman who is 6ft […]

Invité de la Matinale de RMC, Fabien Roussel a annoncé le dépôt d’une proposition de loi, cette semaine, par les députés du groupe communiste, pour indexer les salaires sur l’inflation. « Nous allons en faire une grande bataille démocratique ». Fabien Roussel un nouveau cheval de bataille. L’ancien candidat communiste à la présidentielle a annoncé […]

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