Cody, Sam and Dante meet up with Sasha and Maxie at Kelly’s. Sam asks Maxie how she’s holding up. Maxie could use some good news, so Sam tells her that Willow had her baby. At the hospital, Nina and Sonny look in on the baby in the nursery. More: Kelly Thiebaud introduces her new love […]

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea tells Adam that Billy is meeting her there when he brings the boys back from skating. She senses he’s down and Adam reveals that Victor is up to his old treachery — he has to watch his back at Jabot. Chelsea guesses he wants to punish him for going to work […]

In her office, Taylor tells Ridge by phone that situation with Bill and Sheila is under control. He shouldn’t come back to confront Bill because he’ll just yell and scream and make the situation worse. Sheila appears and Taylor lets Ridge go. Sheila wanted to talk to her now that she’s learned they’re really not […]

At Jabot, Kyle enters Jack’s office and says he wants to know what’s going on with him and Diane. He doesn’t think it will last and declares, “Your relationship may be what finally blows up this family.” At the Abbott mansion, Diane tells Summer she gets the feeling that she’s less than thrilled about her […]

Diane and Jeremy are at the Glam Club. He chuckles about the audacity of her plan to steal a piece of jewelry from Nikki’s apartment in Chicago. Jeremy wants to go with her so they can pull it off together. She claims she doesn’t need any variables added to her elaborate plan. If he’s willing […]

Chelsea opens her door and finds Billy sitting outside on the floor. She asks if he’s okay. He says he’s fine. She urges him to come inside and asks, “What’s wrong? Is it Lily?” Billy grimaces. Chelsea asks what happened. Tears run down Billy’s cheek as she replies, “It’s over.” Related Story Young & Restless […]

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