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Harrison Ford isn’t a Freaks and Geeks fan. It’s not that he dislikes the show; he just hasn’t seem it. The man’s busy playing Han Solo and Indiana Jones for the 12th time, y’know? Ahead of the premiere of the Apple TV+ series Shrinking, which stars the two actors, creator Bill Lawrence revealed that Ford […]

Look, I love Justified as much as you do. Top 5 show for me, really. Yet there’s still part of me that cannot help but hope that Justified: City Primeval arrived not only by the grace of Quentin Tarantino conversations but because of something that I’m totally imagining. I want to believe that Olyphant wanted […]

Tensions are very high in the Roy family, which means it’s time for another season of everybody’s favorite dysfunctional family drama, Succession! Season four of the Emmy-winning series will follow the Roy children as they play a slow-moving chess game against their father, who secretly sold Waystar Royco at the end of season three. As […]

It’s safe to say that things are in flux over at HBO Max. While HBO keeps churning out prestige content — hello, The Last of Us — its sister streamer is going through an overhaul. What does that mean for our streaming libraries this February? Expect few new originals, but the ones we are getting […]

Brendan Fraser has received resounding accolades for his work in Darren Aronofsky’s The Whale, which our own Vince Mancini declared does qualify as an arthouse stunt, but it’s a damn fine arthouse stunt. Fraser portrays a 600-pound man who’s struggling towards redemption with his daughter, and the project has been held out as Fraser’s “comeback” […]

Mel Brooks hasn’t directed a movie since 1995’s Dracula: Dead and Loving It (which I explicably made my friends watch on my ninth birthday), but he’s kept busy by writing musicals, pranking Barack Obama and endorsing Joe Biden, and being an all-around wonderful person. Brooks is also overseeing a TV show based on History of […]

The 2023 Golden Globe Awards ceremony took place last night (January 10), and while the proceedings are focused on TV and movies, music makes its way into the mix, too. Specifically, there are two music categories: Best Original Score, Motion Picture and Best Original Song, Motion Picture. The former was won by Justin Hurwitz’s work […]

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