Livestream Description: Chosen Vessel Everywhere Bishop Marvin L. Sapp, Senior Pastor Scripture reference, Numbers 11:1-6 4 Ways To Give: Givelify: https://bit.ly/3ANxnvO Cash App: https://cash.app/$TCVCMinistries Text “GIVE” to 833-948-1987 Check Payable to: “TCVC” Join the Vessel: Text “Vessel” to 817-442-6775 Salvation or Prayer Request: Text “Chosen” to 817-442-6775 Get connected, stay connected: Website: thechosenvessel.org Facebook: https://bit.ly/3yWgr5V […]

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Pastoral Bible Study 2/9/2021 Scripture reference Proverbs 18:24 Copyrights to music heard today are owned by respective owners *Worship Purposes Only*

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