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When the latest iPhones came out, many people complained about them being way too big! Well now, rumor has it that Apple has heard the cries of us tiny-handed people and they’re making a mini iPhone. Listen to the audio player for this and other tech news in the latest edition of Techie Tuesday!

Here’s our girl Beyonce Alowishus giving you some cool info for Techies and Gamers! More videos here: ‪#‎RSMS‬

Beyonce Alowishus is one of “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” producers, and here’s her Techie Tuesday report on the new Samsung Galaxy​ phones, Instagram​, Snapchat​ and Facebook.

Beyonce Alowishus has the latest on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Apple’s iPhone 7 and Nintendo in her #TechieTuesday report! #RSMS

Tonight is a special episode of “Little Women: Atlanta,” because Rickey Smiley, Gary With Da Tea and Beyonce Alowishus will be on the show with Juicy! More videos at #RSMS

“The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” Producer Beyonce Alowishus has the keys to what’s good on the next #RSMS!

Headkrack is back in the studio, with so many good reasons to tune in to next “Rickey Smiley Morning Show”: Jeff Johnson, Gary With Da Tea, Beyonce Alowishus + more! #RSMS

Juicy is really excited about the next Rickey Smiley Morning Show featuring Jeff Johnson, Beyonce Alowishus with #TechieTuesday AND #PaternityTestTuesday! Hear Rickey Smiley, Da Brat, Gary With Da Tea, Headkrack, Comedian Karl “Special K” Douglas, Rock-T HOLLA and of course Juicy, 6-10 am E/5-9 am C! #RSMS

Rickey Smiley won radio’s highest honor at the 2017 Marconis! This award is like the Oscars for radio, and thank you to everybody who listens to and supports “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show.” We work really hard and care a lot about the community… THANK YOU! #RSMS

When Joseline Hernandez came through to “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show,” they were all chopping it up in the studio before the interview. Joseline was seeing Beyonce Alowishus post-baby for the first time, so they started talking about the experience of having their first born. Joseline jokingly called Beyonce a ho when she realized she […]

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