On June 5 KST, ‘Water Bomb 2023 Seoul’ made a surprise lineup announcement, adding girl group aespa to its lineup which also consists of BTOB, Sunmi, Woo Won Jae, HyunA, Lee Young Ji, Jessi, Oh My Girl, etc.  This year, the annual music festival will take place in Seoul on June 25. For the girls […]

aespa’s Ningning mesmerized netizens with her real-life beauty. While aespa’s Ningning frequently receives hate comments criticizing her “chubby physique” as shown on camera, netizen were surprised to see just how slim Ningning actually is. In an online community forum, netizens shared various photos of Ningning where she was seen up-close, performing on stage for a live performance, and in photos […]

Netizens discussed how aespa’s Winter, Red Velvet’s Wendy, and Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon look identical. On a recent online community forum, one netizen created a post titled, “Aren’t Wendy, Taeyeon, and Winter similar?” Here, the netizen wrote, “All three of them are bone-thin, their noses are pointy, and their hairstyles are also similar, so they look even […]

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