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By Justin Enriquez and Ashleigh Gray For Dailymail.Com 19:02 01 Jun 2023, updated 19:21 01 Jun 2023 Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet were seen for the first time since their new romance began heating up despite ‘taking things slow.’ The 25-year-old The Kardashians star was recently pictured at the 27-year-old Oscar-nominated actor’s home in Beverly Hills. According […]

Mariska Hargitay shared a special birthday wish with her Law & Order: Special Victims Unit co-star, Ryan Buggle, honoring the actor’s 13th birthday today. Hargitay, 59, posted two behind-the-scenes photos with the now-teenager that displayed the sweet relationship they’ve fostered during their time on set.  In the first pic, Hargitay and Buggle look deep in conversation, […]

Kevin Bacon is ready to film another sequel to the cult classic horror film from 1990 starring Bacon alongside Reba McEntire, Finn Carter, and the late Fred Ward. The actor, 64, revealed on Jan. 27 that he is patiently waiting for the green light to bring back another version of Tremors. After a Twitter user said that […]

Before Mark Ruffalo became a slicked-back silver fox, he rocked a thick head of very voluminous dark curly hair.  Don’t believe us? Well, the award-winning actor and producer, 55, supplied proof on Instagram earlier today when he shared a throwback photo from his younger years.  In the snap, Ruffalo was posing beside a brick wall in […]

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T.I. came through to the morning show to talk about his new thriller, “Sleepless,” in which he stars alongside Jamie Foxx. He talks about what audiences can expect from the action-packed film. He also reveals when he realized he could act, and how getting pulled over throughout his life has taught him how to be […]

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