What’s The Big Deal In A Business From Home Opportunity Work For Stay At Home Moms!

Written by on August 15, 2022

Can a business from home opportunity work for stay at home moms in 2007? When it comes to career or work options, some women’s choices are often limited by a variety of restrictions posed by their home-life responsibilities and commitments.

Whether these options involve working full-time or part-time, many working moms may find that the heavy demands and constraints of their working environment is too high a price to pay over their home/family life and economic wellness.

With the daily juggling of competing home/work priorities, along with workplace stress it is not surprising that many moms are finding themselves in a position whereby they don’t want to work for someone else, nor have someone looking over their shoulder, nor being told what to do, when and how to do it. They want more control, flexibility and independence over this fundamental aspect of their lives and more importantly, they want to be there for their children.

Not every woman will be content with being a stay-at-home-mum. Some moms might rightfully be concerned about the present and/or future prospects of their career health and wellness. While some may want to plan ahead of time, moving their career forward, others may want to pursue a legitimate business from home opportunity work idea, but may have little to no real idea of where to start.

It is important for all moms to remember, that promoting their work or career health and wellness isn’t an activity just reserved for single, career-minded women or for those who are pursuing other meaningful work outside the home. It is paramount that stay-at-home moms don’t assume either that setting medium-to long-term career, or even business from home opportunity work goals, don’t apply to them. It does!

While acknowledging that some stay at home moms are completely satisfied with their lives and may not feel the need or desire for something more, others will feel torn between a need to be ever present for their children and the desire for a greater degree of flexibility, control and financial independence over their lives.

For a start, women need to consider that they may not always retain their stay-at-home status once their children become more independent (unless of course that is what they want). Teenagers may not value having their ‘street cred’ dented by mom picking them up from school. This is often the point where many stay-at-home moms may find themselves redundant – with limited work or career prospects to look forward to!

Stay At Home Moms And Part-Time Work

A solution that some stay-at-home-moms opt for is part-time work outside the home. However part-time work can present just as great a challenge as a full-time job, or having no meaningful work at all – other than caring for the family. A recent comment from a forum member sums up the reality for many part time, stay at home moms:

“Part time work, which many mums do, is very dispiriting in my experience. And if you don’t have a job, it can be hard to feel good about what you’ve done all day, even if you have been contributing to the procreation of the human race (i.e. changing nappies) etc.,”

For some women, part-time jobs have and will continue to provide a valid means of financial control, independence and the opportunity to do some other form of work. However, it is often the case that unless it is the same or is closely related to a woman’s previous full-time career, she may well find that she is either poorly paid and/or that it represents just as much hassle as holding down a full-time job.

The maths just doesn’t add up; especially when women are confronted with the reality of trying to cope with the full-time job of school hours; the children being sick; school holidays; travelling to and from the job; housekeeping – while holding down part-time work.

Yet, the need to engage in some kind of meaningful work, whether it is for reasons of attaining greater economic independence and control, or just to retain a ‘healthy sense of self’, has never been greater for many stay at home moms. If nothing else, it inspires a sense of direction and open up a number of possibilities women might otherwise not have considered.

Business From Home Opportunity Work Options

This is where a legitimate business from home opportunity work option may well provide women with a second source of income, as well well as ful-filling a much needed work experience, without the stresses and strains of the workplace environment.

The Internet these days provide a wealth of resources and information on ‘how to’ work from home, along with countless ‘get rich quick – from home work’ promises. Understandably, women may feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of these work at home offers or home income job proposals and must rightly ask, whether these business from home work opportunities are justified in their claims. Many, if not most of these – make money from home work pitches may be nothing more than ‘pie in the sky’ solutions, that more often than not, are reproduced /repackaged ‘old hat’ that are a waste of time, women’s cash or both.

Stay at home mums who are interested in pursuing a business from home opportunity work solution in 2007, will ultimately want assurances that their investment in any work from home scheme will not demand an ill-affordable initial investment. They will also want to know that their greatest asset – which is their time, is not going to be wasted. Perhaps more importantly, an over-riding requirement will be that any business from home opportunity work pursuit will be financially viable over the medium to long-term.

Confronted by a combination of limiting factors, it is easy to see how for stay at home moms, a legitimate work at home job or business from home opportunity work solution may present as an extremely attractive proposition. There certainly has been a number of work at home successes, that is perhaps not reflective of the many more who have experienced total disappointment and losses from their hard graft with a work from home job or business from home opportunity work undertaking. You can learn more about one such experience by visiting the link below.

Anyone can establish an online presence, following a work at home formula. However, not every one can succeed. To ensure that, you need to know what you’re doing and you need to be doing that smartly. Whether women are merely seeking to ensure some degree of career health and wellness by escaping the daily 9-5 grind or because their personal circumstances place them firmly in the home, a business from home opportunity work solution might yet provide the best prospect of enjoying meaningful, flexible and an economically viable source of additional home income.

You can learn more about Olga’s personal journey as a stay at home mom and how she survived the widespread perpetuation of the ‘get rich quick’ myth that is prevalent both on and offline today. You will also learn how she found the perfect business from home opportunity work idea that is proving successful for her. It is not a pre-packaged business opportunity that has been offered to countless other work at home participants. It is one that is unique to her, in much the same way that any other woman’s business from home work opportunity will be unique to that particular woman.

Like Olga, with the appropriate know-how; and, applying passion, commitment and personal skills, stay at home moms can develop a successful business from home opportunity work solution that they can in turn recommend 100% – with their own conscience fully intact.

Women should not put their hopes, dreams or goals into the hands of people who have not proven themselves time and time again. Learn from others who have walked the walk and can share honestly with you, the mistakes, disappointments and frustrations experienced before, finding a legitimate successful formula that works.

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