Nick Cannon shares his Father’s Day plans, says he’s “never overwhelmed” with 12 children

Written by on June 11, 2024

Photo by Carol Lee Rose/Getty Images

Father’s Day is fast approaching, and Nick Cannon plans to spend his day embracing his role as a father. With 12 children, he tells People that he’s using the day to bond with all his kids.

“It’s definitely one of those days where I got be on my Ps and Qs the entire day,” he says, noting he’ll be working on his show The Masked Singer. “It’s supposed to be a day where I get to rest, but I want to give all my kids the opportunity to connect and give me gifts, and all that type of stuff. It’s a fun day and I appreciate all the love that I get on that day.”

He’s already prepared to receive “arts and crafts gifts,” including “the macaroni necklaces, the construction paper card, all of that stuff, which I love,” he says. “My offices are filled with great gifts that my kids have created and conjured up.”

Nick’s 12 children range in age from 17 months to 13. Despite what people may think, however, he says he’s “never overwhelmed, because overwhelmed means like almost when you can’t handle it.”

Instead, he’s “overly energetic,” as he says his children “drive me to thrive.”

“It’s definitely from the time I open my eyes to the time I get to close them at night, it’s all about the kids the whole time,” Cannon adds. “When you have 12, it’s definitely they’re the pulse of all that I do.”


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