Solar eclipse weather and cloud forecast along the path of totality

Written by on April 8, 2024

Here is the forecast for the rest of the country, outside of totality. — ABC News

(NEW YORK) — From Mexico to Maine, if you’re in a city where the total solar eclipse will grace the skies Monday afternoon, cloud coverage may dampen your view.

Here’s what to expect:

Mazatlan, Mexico

Mazatlan will have low clouds through the morning. The clouds will begin to break by the afternoon, but the weather may still be mostly cloudy at the time of the total eclipse.

Del Rio, Texas

Del Rio is forecast to have mostly cloudy skies, so eclipse viewing weather won’t be ideal.


There’s a chance to see the eclipse in Dallas, where the skies will be partly cloudy with some passing clouds.

Russellville, Arkansas

Russellville will have a good chance of seeing the eclipse. The forecast calls for lots of sunshine and a few passing clouds.

Carbondale, Illinois

The forecast calls for good eclipse viewing in Carbondale. The skies will be mostly clear with a few passing clouds.


Indianapolis will have a good view with lots of sun and a few thin clouds.


Cleveland will have lots of clouds early in the day. In the afternoon, the low, thick clouds will part, leaving just high, thin clouds — and a chance to see the eclipse.

Niagara Falls, New York

The weather will be mostly cloudy in Niagara Falls. An isolated shower is possible, making it hard to see the eclipse.

Burlington, Vermont

Skies will be mostly sunny in Burlington. A few thin clouds could move in during the afternoon, but that will not obstruct the view of the eclipse.

Houlton, Maine

Houlton will have sunny skies — and will be the best place to see the eclipse in all of North America.

Areas outside of totality

California will get a great view of the partial eclipse with mostly clear skies.

The Southeast is also a great viewing area with just a few thin clouds from Florida to the Carolinas.

Thick clouds will block the viewing in the upper Midwest, from Wisconsin to the Dakotas.

In the Pacific Northwest, thick clouds are also expected from Seattle to Portland.

Mostly cloudy skies are expected along the eastern Gulf Coast from Houston to New Orleans.

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