Megan Thee Stallion talks being depressed + how working out helped with healing journey

Written by on April 10, 2024

ABC/Chrys Davis

Megan Thee Stallion‘s fit body was made in the gym, but like many of us, it’s a battle for her to get herself there. 

“Getting out of bed to work out in the morning is a struggle,” she tells Women’s Health Magazine, as the cover star of their latest issue. “I have to get mentally prepared. I’m like, ‘I can stay here for another hour, or I can get up and go work out and be a bad b****. If I want to be a stallion and not a pony, I got to get up and put in the work.’”

Working out became part of Megan’s healing journey after she was shot by Tory Lanez in 2020 and left with bullet fragments in her feet. She says she went through a period of depression following the incident.

“Before I went onstage, I would be crying half the time because I didn’t want to [perform], but I also didn’t want to upset my fans,” Megan admits. “I didn’t want to get [out] from under the covers. I stayed in my room. I would not turn the lights on. I had blackout curtains. I didn’t want to see the sun. I knew I wasn’t myself. It took me a while to acknowledge that I was depressed.”

She eventually sought therapy and then exercise. Now, Meg says, “I’m in a space where I feel good mentally, so I want to look as good as I feel.” Journaling, meditating, praying and listening to music are also included in her daily routine.

She says her next album is “about rebirth because I feel I am becoming a new person physically and mentally” — and she wants the growth to continue.

“I want to…be better than I am right now,” Meg says. “And I will.”

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