Women of Color Tulsa 2022

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Date:September 10, 2022
Time:12:00 am

The Women of Color Expo is the preeminent event for reaching 25-54 women of color in the Tulsa metro area.  It provides a personal marketing opportunity that is unsurpassed in the market place.  The audience is diverse across several socio-economic levels and provides sponsors and exhibitors an opportunity to market their products and services to the largest group of women of color gathered in one place in the state!

The power of African-American females extends beyond the home. Of the 31 million African-Americans who are 16 years and older, 63% are in the U.S. labor force, and women represent 52% of employed Blacks. Women also own the majority of Black businesses. Those who do not own their own companies tend to skew towards occupations in management, service and sales positions. The duality of the roles African-American females play – mother and manager – provides an opportunity for organizations that acknowledge and celebrate this duality. When done correctly, such a connection will yield optimal results for your brand.

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