Where are Young & Restless’ Noah and Allie? Is Rory Gibson Leaving?

Written by on May 31, 2023

“What the heck is Young & Restless thinking?!” was the question on many fans’ minds after it was revealed in a recent episode that Noah Newman and Allie Nguyen, two core characters, had embarked on a romance only to be sent overseas. As soap viewers well know, this typically signals that any possible storyline has been shelved and the actors have been let go. But not always…

Rory Gibson signed on to play the wounded Noah in October 2021 and he only had to wallow in heartbreak and self-pity (and pine for his ex-girlfriend and sister’s fiancee, Tessa) until March 2022, when his new love walked into his mother Sharon’s coffee house. Allie was unimpressed with his bad dad jokes initially (a legacy passed on from his own father Nick) but the two were drawn together and soon became an item.

For a minute it looked as though the writers were going to do a Romeo & Juliet-type plot as the two struggled with the difficulties of coming from rival families, the Newmans and the Abbotts (Allie is Jack’s granddaughter and Noah is Victor’s grandson), but that went nowhere… fast.
Noah Allie Y&R

Next up was the return of Noah’s vixen-ish lost love from London, Audra Charles. Surely, his and Allie’s love story was about to encounter not only some bumps in the road, but also big drama… or so we thought. Audra managed to grab Noah’s attention by confessing she’d conceived and then lost his baby after they split, but it caused nary a glitch where the ever-understanding and mature Allie was concerned.
Allie sees Noah and Audra mashup Y&R

Since then, there’s been nada. Noah had opened the glam club in the Grand Phoenix, but that disappeared along with any chance of the two having a story when the Genoa City Athletic Club was resurrected, and the lounge was refurbished and dedicated as the Neil Winters Jazz Lounge. A new hangout for GC’s elite.

Noah and Allie weren’t seen for a while and were said to be traveling, but returned when Noah’s half-sister Summer was mourning the sudden death of her mother Phyllis (she wasn’t really dead). He and Allie appeared in a few scenes and then disappeared again.
Summer Allie Noah Y&R

When a delicious new drama has developed involving Sharon, we were certain that Noah, always so protective of his mom, would be front and center along with siblings Mariah and Faith. However, Faith returned from college and immediately had an expository conversation with Sharon that revealed Noah was in London, where he had opened another glam club, and Allie was learning the ropes at the Jabot lab in Paris. The two are visiting each other on a regular basis, but out of the picture in Genoa City.

Many fans were shocked — the writers have hardly done anything with these young core characters and now they’re gone again?! When his family is about to go through major drama?!

We reached out to a representative at Young & Restless to get the deets. Have Gibson and Wang left the show? Have Noah and Allie been shipped off indefinitely?

The rep assured us that the characters and actors are still very much part of the canvas and that their temporary exit is merely a vacation. There was no word on exactly when they would return.

Might Noah (and Allie) return at a pivotal time in Young & Restless’ Sharon vs. Cameron storyline? Will they get a storyline of their own after that? All we can say is stay tuned!

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– Candace Young

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