Warner Bros. turning nature series ‘Meerkat Manor’ into an animated movie

Written by on April 16, 2024

Courtesy OSF

In a clever — and cuddly — bit of corporate synergy, Warner Bros. Discovery has announced the beloved Animal Planet docuseres Meerkat Manor is becoming a movie for Warner Bros. Pictures Animation.

The film’s executive producers are Caroline Hawkins and Clare Birks of Oxford Scientific Films, who created the original series that debuted in 2005, and followed the trials and tribulations of the Whiskers family of the titular mammals.

As it did with its Oscar-winning 2006 film Happy Feet, the studio will use photoreal animation to bring the creatures in the Meerkat Manor movie to life.

“It’s 20 years since we experimented with a wildlife soap opera in a London basement, and now here we are. What greater evidence could there be of the enduring appeal of meerkats?” Hawkins said.

She added, “I am sure they would be thrilled at attaining stardom in Hollywood!”

Co-producers Seth Green and Tracy Falco agreed, saying, “Meerkats have been secondary characters in animated feature films and it’s time they get the star treatment they’ve deserved.”

They added, “We believe that the heartwarming and entertaining story of Meerkat Manor, replete with all the drama, emotion and humor of the human experience, will resonate with audiences of all ages.”

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