The Comics History of Sam Chung, AKA Blindspot

Written by on June 1, 2023

The War with Muse

After Muse kidnapped a judge who blocked access to his latest bloody mural, Blindspot followed him down into the sewers, rescuing the judge along with a city councilwoman and two police officers. Though Blindspot’s invisibility suit initially gave him the upper hand against Muse, it malfunctioned, leading Muse to attack Sam and gouge out his eyes. Daredevil stepped in to defeat Muse, resulting in the Super Villain’s imprisonment, while Sam was rescued from a grimmer fate and left to recover from the loss of his eyes.

Sam’s mother Lu Wei resurfaced shortly thereafter and brought her son to the Hand, trading her soul for the magical restoration of Sam’s eyes. This led Blindspot to become an agent of the Hand, resulting in a showdown against his mentor. Daredevil helped Blindspot overcome the Hand’s influence, but amidst the chaos, Liu Wei was killed after reconciling with her son.

Blindspot finally got his revenge on Muse after the villain escaped from custody. Blindspot tracked him down, using his latent powers from the Hand to overpower him, but rejected its call to execute the killer, effectively relinquishing his magically augmented powers. 

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