Sterling K. Brown reveals how Ben Affleck gave J. Lo a boost behind the scenes of her new movie, ‘Atlas’

Written by on May 24, 2024


Critics were not kind to Jennifer Lopez‘s new Netflix sci-fi movie, Atlas, but her heart was in the right place while making it, co-star Sterling K. Brown reveals.

Recent Oscar nominee Brown plays Col. Banks in the thriller, and he tells Entertainment Weekly that while Lopez’s Atlas Shepherd learns to rely on Smith, a friendly AI inside her lifesaving robotic battle suit, the voice she sometimes heard while filming belonged to her husband, Ben Affleck.

“Every once in a while, Ben would read the lines for Smith,” Brown says. “And I think the newlyweds, still very much in love, I think she just wanted to hear his voice. And so sometimes, the reactions that you got from her were because she was listening to her husband’s voice.”

The voice of Smith was ultimately provided by actor Gregory James Cohan for the finished film.

Incidentally, Brown’s use of “still” in his sentence will likely be analyzed in a new light thanks to rumors that Ben and Jen are on the rocks, again.

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