South Koreans Rudely Awakened By Urgent Wartime Alert To Evacuate To A Bomb Shelter

Written by on May 30, 2023

The warning was sent out with no information.

South Korean citizens and visitors in Seoul were rudely awakened by an emergency alert from Seoul, saying immediate evacuation is in order.

At around 6:30 am KST, South Korean citizens residing in Seoul and the surrounding areas received an ominous emergency alert from the Seoul government, telling them that immediate evacuation is in order.

[Seoul] At 6:32 am, an evacuation warning for the Seoul area has been launched. Citizens, prepare to evacuate and let the children and elderly evacuate first.

— Urgent alert

The alert was also show on the news, covering the bottom third of the screen and telling viewers in the area to find the nearest evacuation shelter.

| @HANBINIZM/Twitter

South Korea was not the only place to get the warning, as Japanese residents in Okinawa also received the alert to evacuate, with the news anchor stating “Missile fired. Missile fired. North Korea has been seen firing a missile. Hide in the interior of a building or underground.”

While there was some concern, most South Korean citizens were more confused or even unworried, with very little reaction on the streets. In fact, North Korea had previously publicy announced they would be launching a missile carrying their first military spy satellite sometime between May 31 and June 11, and even notified the International Maritime Organization about their plans.

22 minutes later, The Ministry of the Interior and Safety released an update, stating that the warning from Seoul was a false warning.

[Ministry of the Interior and Safety] The 6:41 am warning issued by the Seoul Metropolitan Government is a false order.

— Urgent alert

GOT7’s BamBam also reacted to the early morning news in a tweet.

There’s nothing wrong, thankfully.

— BamBam

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