Several Celebrities started leaving Twitter after Elon Musk took over the popular social media platform.

Written by on October 30, 2022

Celebrities are establishing to give up Twitter — or declare they are, at least — now that Elon Musk has taken over the famous social media platform.

“I’m out of here,” declared This Is Us government producer Ken Olin to his 300,000 followers on Friday after formerly pledging, “The day @elonmusk takes possession of Twitter, I’m out.” “No judgement. Let’s hold the faith. Let’s shield our democracy. Let’s attempt to be kinder. Let’s strive to retailer the planet. Let’s strive to be extra generous. Let’s appear to discover peace in the world.” He mentioned he used to be going to attempt Tribel social instead.

Billions showrunner Brian Koppelman in a similar way tweeted, “Y’all’s, for real, come locate me over on instagram and the tok. Gonna actually strive to take a breather from right here for a minute or a month come deal shut time.” The Rounders creator in the past tweeted, “I can see the good judgment in taking a lengthy twitter hiatus when EM takes it over.”

Bill & Ted superstar Alex Winter likewise interestingly cease the platform. He scrubbed his tweet history, left in the back of a Linktree address and posted a meme about Musk taking over the platform that portrayed Twitter’s new chief as a Three Musketeer alongside with former President Donald Trump and Kanye West.

Yet others on the Left are encouraging humans to continue to be on the platform to preserve expressing their views – at least, till the upcoming midterm elections. Director and activist Rob Reiner — who earlier expressed subject about Musk taking over the platform — tweeted: “For these who are battle to hold our Constitutional Democracy, now is no longer the time to depart Twitter. Now is the time to VOTE BLUE!”

Other progressives on the platform advocate that they’re staying for now, however they will sincerely stop the second Trump’s Twitter account is restored — some thing that Musk has indicated he’ll probable do.

On Thursday night, Musk closed his deal to take command of the social media platform and declared himself “Chief Twit.” The billionaire Tesla and SpaceX CEO has vowed to make Twitter extra open to a wider vary of speech. Many have criticized his layout as a cross that will make Twitter a extra antagonistic surroundings that fosters hate speech.

Musk has mentioned in an open letter to Twitter advertisers he offered the platform to “help humanity” and certain it won’t come to be a “free-for-all hellscape, the place some thing can be stated with no consequences.”

He additionally wrote late Friday that he’s forming a “content moderation council with extensively various viewpoints” and stated that “no main content material selections or account reinstatements will occur earlier than that council convenes.”

The Good Place and She-Hulk actress Jameela Jamil stop Twitter on April 25, in accordance to People, and declared, “I concern this free speech bid is going to assist this hell platform attain its last structure of completely lawless hate, bigotry, and misogyny. Best of luck.” She later deleted the tweet and back to the platform.

Some on the platform are evaluating the protests to celebrities who declared they had been leaving the United States if Trump was once elected, however then ended up staying anyway.

If some celebrities do end Twitter, they will be phase of a large style that preceded Musk’s takeover. According to a current Reuters report, the platform has been quietly shedding its most energetic customers — the 10 percent of heavy tweeting subscribers who account for ninety percentage of tweets.

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