Palm Royale’s Kristen Wiig says the series is for anyone who’s ever wanted to belong

Written by on March 20, 2024

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Kristen Wiig bulldozes her way into the Palm Beach, Florida, country club scene in the new Apple TV+ series Palm Royale, out on Wednesday. She plays a woman who thinks everything will fall into place in her life if she could just hang with the right crowd — and Wiig tells ABC Audio it’s a feeling that’s very relatable.

“Just that feeling of wanting to belong to a group that you’re not in or to be something you’re not,” she says. “I think everyone has had times in their life where they think, ‘If I had that or if I was there, my life would be better, I would be happier.'”

One society woman Wiig’s character rubs elbows with is played by the legendary Carol Burnett, though when we meet her character, she’s in a coma. Wiig says working with Burnett was a dream come true, and she’s someone who definitely influenced Wiig’s career.

“Having her own show at that time, doing those characters and having fun with all those people and just showing the world, like, just what she does and had such a good time doing it. And oh my gosh, she inspired me so much, yes!” shares the Saturday Night Live vet.

Another club member is Robert, who is intent on keeping Wiig’s character out at all costs. It turns out Robert — played by Ricky Martin — has some secrets of his own, something Martin knows a thing or two about.

“Being a gay man in the ’60s is something that is really intense,” notes Ricky. “But at the same time, it’s so relevant because there are many men, gay men today, that are struggling with their identity. So for me to be able to shed some light into that struggle is very important.”

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