Online casino looks into ‘Joker’ sequel’s Oscar odds for Joaquin and Gaga

Written by on April 24, 2024

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The teaser trailer for Joker: Folie à Deux debuted on April 9, but an online casino is already looking at its chances at the Oscars.

Joaquin Phoenix took home his first Oscar for playing Arthur Fleck aka Joker in the 2019 blockbuster original, but no single actor has ever won an Academy Award for playing the same character twice.

However, says he has a good shot: The site posted Joaquin has 4/6 odds to repeat the feat for the sequel. For the non-betters out there, those are known as “short” — favorable — odds. It works out to be a 60% probability.

The odds are longer for Phoenix’s Harley Quinn, Lady Gaga, to score a Best Actress trophy for the sequel — but it’s still possible, according to the site. Gaga’s odds are 11/8, with an implied probability of 42%.

Gaga already has a Best Original Song Academy Award for the A Star is Born tune “Shallow.”

The original Joker made more than a billion dollars worldwide, but the site says director and co-writer Todd Philips could beat his own high score: He’s got a 44.4% chance, according to the site.

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