Megan Fox “believes” ‘Love Is Blind’ star Chelsea Blackwell’s claim that they look alike

Written by on April 15, 2024

Araya Doheny/Getty Images for Revolve – Netflix

Well, the internet may not think Love Is Blind contestant Chelsea Blackwell looks like Megan Fox, but the Transformers actress says she can see it. 

In case you’re unaware of the controversy, it all began when Blackwell and Jimmy Presnell were asked, sight unseen, to describe each other, and he queried whether or not she looked like a celebrity. 

While offering the caveat, “I don’t see it, so don’t get excited,” Blackwell implied people have compared her to Fox.

Her claim, and his reaction at the final reveal, however, went viral. 

That said, Fox finally responded on the matter, telling E! News she had heard about the comparisons secondhand. “I don’t watch much TV,” she noted.

“I’ve never had more people text me about something,” Fox expressed, adding, “Even other celebrities at like Oscar parties were like, ‘Do you watch Love is Blind?’ And I was like, ‘No, but I know what you’re talking about.'”

The actress said, “I did see a picture of her,” adding Blackwell has “very blue, slightly almond shaped slatted eyes,” presumably similar to her own. She said “a hundred thousand percent people have told her, ‘You kind of look like Megan Fox.’ So, I believe she’s telling the truth.”

While that may be in the slatted eye of the beholder, Fox maintains Blackwell didn’t deserve to get “bullied” by the internet, expressing, “I hope like she still has that sparkle in her eye. I hope the world didn’t steal it from her.”

Megan offered “best wishes and blessings” to Chelsea, adding, “I think people went way too hard” on her.

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