Kirsten Dunst reveals the one thing required for a ‘Bring It On’ reunion

Written by on April 11, 2024

ABC/Paula Lobo

Kirsten Dunst is just as surprised as you that Bring It On was a huge hit.

The actress reflected on the iconic 2000 cheerleading movie during an interview with Good Morning America on Wednesday to discuss her new film, Alex Garland‘s Civil War.

Dunst, who starred in the flick alongside Gabrielle Union, Eliza Dushku and Jesse Bradford, said she feels “very old” thinking about how the film turns 25 next year and revealed what she would require for a possible reunion.

“Of course I would!” she said when asked if she would ever don her Rancho Carne Toros uniform once more. “But it would have to be such a good script … ’cause those things can be sad sometimes if they’re not good.”

Dunst said she and her fellow cast members had no clue Bring It On would be such a big deal at the time, saying, “I was just as shocked as anyone that this was such a huge success. We really didn’t know … the effect it has on our culture.”

Dunst also reflected on growing up in front of the camera, “while making my own taste in films and discovering films.”

“I think the biggest thing for me was doing Interview with the Vampire, which was a very all-male dominated set, and then going right from that to Little Women, which was directed by a female,” she said. “I think that juxtaposition so young really informed my choices of working with a lot of females after.”

As for her advice for a long-lasting career? The Spider-Man alum said, “be selective and follow your heart.”

Dunst’s heart most recently led her to Civil War, in which she stars as a photojournalist living in a dystopian version of America gripped by a second civil war.

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