Kevin Bacon responds to student campaign, will return to ‘Footloose’ high school for prom

Written by on March 23, 2024

Disney/Randy Holmes

The students of Utah’s Payson High School are getting ready to cut loose: Footloose star Kevin Bacon has made their dreams come true and will return to the very school in which he shot the 1984 film.

Payson High students lobbied the 65-year-old actor to return to the school for its final prom before it changes location. In an announcement aired on the Today show on Friday — which was watched by the assembled students, who got there at 4 in the morning — Bacon said he’s back.

“I have been so impressed with everything that’s been going on there with this crazy idea to get me to come back,” said Footloose‘s Ren McCormack himself.

“I don’t need to say it, but the movie and Payson High School was a big part of my life. I’ve been amazed at the work all of you have been putting into this with the musical and the flash mobs and the re-creations.”

He added, “It hasn’t gone unnoticed by me.”

The savvy students sweetened the deal by prepping a prom that would benefit Six Degrees, Bacon’s charity that helps communities in crisis.

He added, “The fact that you tied in, our foundation, and are trying to figure out ways to give back to your community. It’s really inspirational.”

He then told them, “I’m gonna come. I gotta come,” resulting in cheers from the students.

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