Joe Jonas cried from jealousy when Nick Jonas got The Voice

Written by on May 25, 2023

Requisite “Joe Jonas still gets ‘Jealous’” joke here. The Jonas Brothers obviously support each other in their careers, given that the one career is largely shared amongst the three of them, but there have been times when one Jonas has struck out on his own, to the consternation of the others. Such was the case when Joe Jonas did The Voice Australia, and when Nick Jonas got the gig in the U.S.

Joe, having already done the job overseas, was crestfallen to be passed over for his little brother. “It was at the most picturesque setting, it was at the Fleetwood Mac show at [Madison Square Garden] and as they’re playing ‘Landslide,’ I found out that [Nick] was going to be a judge on The Voice,” Joe shared on the Armchair Expert podcast. “I was so jealous I cried my eyes out to ‘Landslide.’’

“It was bittersweet, of course, ‘cause I’m super happy for him, but I’m also bummed ‘cause I want that fucking gig!” Joe went on to lament, adding that he “enjoyed the job” in Australia, “so I was like, what the fuck? But [Nick] crushed it and, you know, it was great.”

Hey, a little competition between brothers can be a healthy thing. Plus, they claim to largely be supportive of each others’ careers, even when they’re playing directly against each other, as in Joe and Nick’s audition for the upcoming movie musical Wicked. “[We] said, ‘Go in there and kill it ‘cause it’s gotta be one of us. It has to be one of us,” Joe recalled.

As it turns out, it was neither of them, which spared Joe from another crying jag at a classic rock concert. If you’re wondering about the third Jonas, Kevin, he also experienced “some” jealousy when his brothers embarked on their solo careers. Ultimately, though, “We always say we want someone with the last name Jonas to win. That’s our goal,” Nick declares. Ah, brotherly love!

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