HBO drops trailer to docuseries ‘Jerrod Carmichael Reality Show’

Written by on March 7, 2024


Emmy-winning Rothaniel comedian Jerrod Carmichael is back — and he’s not holding back — in the trailer to the HBO Original comedy docuseries Jerrod Carmichael Reality Show

“I’m trying to self-Truman Show myself,” the comic states in the snippet for the eight-episode half-hour show, which the network calls “a darkly funny documentary series about Jerrod’s tumultuous quest for love, sex, and truth.”

To that end, Jerrod is shown speaking to his dad about when he revealed his sexuality to his parents. “When I came out, y’all acted like someone died,” Jerrod says. “It hurt my feelings.”

He adds, “Mom basically said I was going to hell.”

The scene cuts to his mom saying, “I didn’t write The Bible.”

Mother and son later pray together, holding hands, with his mother attempting to pray the gay away for Jerrod.

“Being honest is cool until you have a reason to lie,” Jerrod says elsewhere in the clip, which also shows him speaking with a masked man whose voice is distorted. 

Jerrod Carmichael Reality Show debuts on HBO Friday, March 29, at 11 p.m. ET. It will also be available for streaming on Max.  

(Video contains uncensored profanity.)

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