Farmer’s wife sells sexy snaps to keep loneliness at bay when husband’s away

Written by on November 25, 2022

Living on a farm can be lonely so one woman turned to OnlyFans to keep her company.

Honeyy Brooks is a down-to-earth wife and mum out on the farm in rural Victoria, Australia, but country life is only a part of the world that she resides in to keep her fulfilled.

With her husband away on a fly-in fly-out (FIFO) job, the blonde bombshell not only takes care of family and farm duties but also has a thriving career as an OnlyFans star.

Honeyy sits perched among the top 0.3% of content creators in the world and she knows all about hard work.

When the jaw-dropping blonde beauty isn’t fulfilling fans’ fantasies as a bodacious onscreen goddess, she’s looking after her family’s lively farm.

“I’m an active mum and wife to a husband that works away for two weeks at a time, so my life is non-stop these days,” she says.

“Our farm keeps me busy with cows, sheep, goats, chooks, dogs and cats roaming around on expansive land, but the money we make farming is just enough to live on, which is why I supplement our income with OnlyFans.

“It can get very lonely for this mumma, so I spend my spare time getting to know my fans better.”

It also doesn’t hurt that she makes £8,500 a week selling raunchy content.

Honeyy explained their growing farmstead “is only hobby farming at this stage, as we still love to travel a lot” – and pays for the grounds’ upkeep, livestock and supplemental feed with her OnlyFans cash.

The busy mum is passionate about her job and contributions to the sex work industry.

She also loves making her fans happy with plenty of original creative content.

Honeyy offers fresh new content every week with her favourite creators as well as multiple nude uploads daily, live sexting every night, live one-on-one calls, daily behind the scenes stories, plus games, prizes and freebies.

“I am proud to say I do it all: raising kids, feeding livestock and selling sexy content online. And I wouldn’t have it any other way,” she continued.

“Let’s change the stigma around sex work; I do what I do because I love it – not because I ‘have’ to.”

Honeyy has a TikTok account where she often deals with questions from trolls about her work.

She’s had people tell her that OnlyFans isn’t a “real job” and she needs “self-respect”.

Thankfully she doesn’t let the hateful comments get to her as she is chuffed to be doing what she loves.

When not down on the farm or online with fans, Honeyy spends her downtime riding horses and motorbikes, outback exploration and travelling in a caravan around Australia.

She and her family recently embarked upon a 12-month excursion living on the road, and look forward to their next adventure.

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