Conan O’Brien brings a doctor, and the funny, to ‘Hot Ones’

Written by on April 13, 2024


While he joked he grew up with “tasteless” food in an Irish Catholic home in Boston and insisted he’s “terrible with hot food,” Conan O’Brien slayed on First We Feast’s Hot Ones show on Thursday. 

The former Late Night host first introduced his “personal physician” of 25 years, calling Dr. Arroyo “not the best, but very affordable.” 

After taking a bite of each wing, Conan decided to pocket the leftovers. 

Conan also talked up his new Max travelogue show, Conan O’Brien Must Go, saying, “My mission is that you learn nothing about the country. My job is that you know less about the country after I’m done than when I started.” The show debuts on April 18, which coincidentally is O’Brien’s birthday.

O’Brien cruised his way through, even boasting after sampling the third wing, “I thought this show was called Hot Ones! You got nothing!”

Midway through the so-called Gauntlet of Death, Conan was still not fazed — even swigging directly from the hot sauce bottle to host Sean Evans‘ shock.

He did reach for a sip of milk after dominating Da Bomb, with a whopping Scoville heat score of 135,600, but soldiered on, soaking his last wing in a sauce made purely with hot peppers — and a Scoville score of more than 2.6 million. 

Conan screamed, “WHY CAN’T I FEEL!?” and even swigged that sauce from the bottle, too — although he eventually was left drooling as he ranted, chicken and spit flying everywhere.

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