Chris Evans says superhero movies “don’t always get the credit … they deserve”

Written by on March 5, 2024

‘Captain America: Civil War’ – Marvel Studios

While speaking at Seattle’s Emerald City Comic Con over the weekend, Chris Evans stood up for the genre with which he’ll forever be associated.

The actor may have handed off Steve Rogers’ Captain America shield, but at a Q&A session, Evans says he’s still a fan.

“Comic book movies in general, for whatever reason, don’t always get the credit I think they deserve,” Evans said, according to fan video of the event Saturday. “They are these big, giant movies. There’s a lot of cooks in the kitchen. But the empirical evidence is in: They are not easy to make.”

While expressing he’s not “throwing shade,” the actor explained, “If it was easier, there would be a lot more good ones.”

“I’ve been a part of a few that missed,” he said with a laugh. “It happens. Making a movie is tough.”

While he didn’t want to single out any particular film in the Marvel Studios catalog, he added, “Some of them are phenomenal. Like independently, objectively great movies, and I think they deserve a little more credit.”

That said, Evans did specify that Joe and Anthony Russo, with whom he worked in the MCU’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War and more, are “fantastic.”

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