AleXa reveals the title of her comeback and solves the mystery of her previous posts

Written by on June 1, 2023

On June 1, AleXa, the ZB Label sensation, celebrated for her victory at the ‘American Song Contest 2022,’ and shared a captivating mini-animated video on her Instagram reels.

The animation unravels a sketch in motion, blossoming from a flower and culminating in the title of her impending comeback ‘Juliet.’ It also reveals a date and time – “June 9, 2023 at 12AM KST”.

A month prior, on May 1, AleXa had ignited a frenzy of speculation with a cryptic Twitter post. She shared a photo accompanied by the enigmatic caption “202306”. Curious netizens flooded the comments, tagging @ExplainThisBob in hopes of unearthing the truth behind this puzzling post. Adding to the intrigue, AleXa posted the identical photo six times daily on her Instagram account, further baffling her followers.

Finally, the curtain lifts on the mystery. Contrary to popular belief, “202306” wasn’t a random number or cryptic message, but a straightforward hint at the year and month of AleXa’s eagerly anticipated comeback!

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