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Hello! I’m Mark Olsen. Welcome to another edition of your regular field guide to a world of Only Good Movies. By now pretty much anyone reading this has interacted with a streaming service in some way — which ones to subscribe to, where to find certain shows and movies, etc. — so we at the […]

Emily Blunt has shared an update on the long-awaited Edge of Tomorrow sequel. Blunt starred alongside Tom Cruise in the 2014 science fiction film. Cruise starred as William Cage (Cruise), who exploits his newfound time-loop ability with the help of Sergeant Rita Vrataski (Blunt) to fight aliens. Directed by Doug Liman, the ambitious actioner wasn’t […]

He featured in several projects prior to Gully Boy, but it’s that film which brought Vijay Varma into the limelight. He grabbed the audience’s attention with one villainous act after another in films like Pink, Gully Boy, Darlings and a variety of web shows, becoming quite the toast of the digital space. Vijaytells us that […]

It’s really hard to make everyone happy when it comes to making movies. No matter how hard you try, you’re bound to run into resistance from any avenue you take. It doesn’t make it right, but it certainly makes it so. For Lucasfilm, it’s been more than 20 years of trying to appease all sides […]

©Warner Bros/Courtesy Everett Collection SPOILER ALERT: This story contains minor spoilers from “The Flash,” now playing in theaters nationwide. Reviews for Warner Bros.’ long-in-the-works “The Flash” movie have been largely favorable to mixed, but most critics agree the film is the latest comic book tentpole to suffer from unappealing visual effects. Leaked scenes on social media […]

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for The Blackening!The Blackening ending unmasks the killer’s identity and their motivations for setting up the deadly game. The 2023 horror comedy directed by Tim Story and written by Tracy Olliver and Dewayne Perkins is based on a 2018 short the latter created as a comedy sketch. The Blackening follows a group […]

With the ongoing writers strike, it was expected that a number of productions would see delays. Just this week, Disney announced that several of their major titles would be pushed back, including future Avatar entries, with the third installment now expected in 2025. As a result, the rest of James Cameron’s films will see much […]

When Elio is inadvertently beamed up to an interplanetary organisation, he’s mistaken for Earth’s ambassador. (Disney-Pixar) Hold on to your heartstrings because Pixar looks set to dabble with your emotions once more in Elio, an intergalactic tale of space-aged mistaken identity. The movie marks the studio’s 28th feature film release continuing a legacy that began […]

Pixar had a problem. It had a great new idea for a movie—Elemental, based on characters from The Good Dinosaur’s director Peter Sohn—but actually animating the film’s titular elements was proving to be a problem. After all, it’s one thing to draw a crumbling mound of sentient dirt, but how do you capture the ethereal nature […]

If you miss the days of watching Gal Gadot kick ass and take names, you’re in luck! A new trailer for the Wonder Woman star’s new action thriller Heart of Stone hits tomorrow during Netflix’s TUDUM presentation. To get people primed and ready for the trailer’s debut, Netflix shared a Heart of Stone poster featuring Gadot with a look on her […]

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