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Scott Olson/Getty Images (WASHINGTON) — President Joe Biden is expected to quadruple tariffs on electric vehicles from China from roughly 25% to 100%, and raise other tariffs on key industries including semiconductors, solar, and batteries in an announcement Tuesday, according to a source familiar with the decision. The action has implications for the 2024 presidential […]

Getty Images – STOCK (WASHINGTON) — Nikki Haley dropped out of the 2024 Republican presidential primary in March, but she’s continued to rack up sizable numbers in state GOP primaries in the months ever since. ABC News spoke with some of Haley’s so-called “zombie” voters about why they keep supporting her even though former President […]

A flooded playground and field in Waterbury, Vermont, US, on Tuesday, Dec. 19, 2023. – Shelby Knowles/Bloomberg via Getty Images (WASHINGTON) — In a pioneering measure to hold companies responsible for environmental damage, Vermont is poised to make oil and gas giants shell out billions in climate change cleanup. Vermont’s Climate Superfund Act, which parallels […]

Rick Slayman being discharged two weeks after pig kidney transplant. – Massachusetts General Hospital (BOSTON) — The 62-year-old man who received the first-ever pig kidney transplant in the world has died, his family announced on Saturday. Richard Slayman underwent the four-hour procedure in March at Massachusetts General Hospital and was discharged from the hospital two […]

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images (NEW YORK) — McDonald’s could soon be lowering prices and possibly launching a new value meal to its menus. The Golden Arches currently offer some individual items on its $1, $2, $3 menu, but it may be rolling out a new value meal with a McChicken or McDouble, fries and a drink […]

ftwitty/Getty Images (NEW YORK) — United States Sen. Bob Menendez is set to go on trial starting Monday in his federal bribery case. The New Jersey Democrat is accused of accepting cash, gold bars, luxury wristwatches and other perks from New Jersey businessmen in exchange for official favors to benefit the businessmen and the governments […]

San Francisco Police Dept (SAN FRANCISCO) — Federal prosecutors are seeking a maximum sentence for the man who was convicted of breaking into former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco home and attacking her husband Paul with a hammer in 2022. The Department of Justice filed a sentencing memorandum Friday in anticipation of next week’s […]

Scott Olson/Getty Images (WASHINGTON) — Although congressional Republicans have been slamming President Joe Biden over his decision to withhold certain bomb shipments to Israel, such a move is not unprecedented, as they’ve claimed. Previous presidents, including Republican ones, have withheld aid to send a clear message to Israel and other allies, a foreign policy expert […]

Thomas Northcut/Getty Images/STOCK (NEW YORK) — Roughly 15 years after a housing bubble triggered the worst U.S. financial disaster since the Great Depression, some observers are voicing concern that the industry has fallen into another bubble. Home prices are soaring, despite high mortgage rates that in theory should crimp demand and push down prices. The […]

ABC (ATLANTA) — While President Joe Biden’s slim victory over former President Donald Trump in Georgia last election cycle broke a nearly 30-year losing streak for Democratic presidential candidates in the state, his win also sparked Trump’s attack against the legitimacy of the election itself. While many issues — from the economy to immigration — […]

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