UNGA President Csaba Korosi lauds India’s G20 presidency

Written by on January 31, 2023

UNGA President Csaba Korosi lauds India’s G20 presidency, calls it valuable

India: The presidency of India in the G20 has been lauded by the United Nations General Assembly President Csaba Korosi on Monday. He stated that the plans laid out by India for G20 are valuable and efficient for the world as well as for the global south. 

President Korosi, during his interview, added that as far as he could discuss some related matters with the government of India and as far as he could read some of the plans the government of India is pursuing for this year, it’s very promising for the world, for the global south, and for this country as well. He asserted that India had played a significant role at a time when the world was going through global turmoil. 

He also wished the best to the government of India to run a successful presidency in the G20. While talking about the Russia- Ukraine conflict, he added that the countries such as India haven’t been aware of any concrete negotiations.

“It’s up to the Indian government to tell what role it can play or will play. I cannot decide on behalf of India. Unfortunately, this conflict is still not at the end; unfortunately, this war is still going on, and unfortunately, the killing in Eastern Ukraine demands heavy casualties every day. I am sure that many countries may be India included, offering good services but are not aware of any concrete negotiations where peace negotiations would be now on the table,” he said.

The President of UNGA also commended the role of India in the conflict with Russia-Ukraine. He highlighted that he liked how the government of Indian assured the safety of Indian students studying in Ukraine at the time when war broke out.

“We’re approaching the 1st anniversary of the war in Ukraine that caused suffering and displacement. A war that has unleashed an energy food crisis across the globe. I commend India for your calls for peace in Ukraine and across the world”, he said while addressing a lecture at the ICWA early today.

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