The Indonesian Embassy in Khartoum Supports the Graduation Ceremony of Indonesian Students in Sudan

Written by on January 24, 2023

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The Indonesian Embassy in Khartoum has supported and facilitated the holding of the graduation ceremony for Indonesian students’ bachelor and master programs organized by the Sudanese Indonesian Students Association (PPI) on Sunday (22/1) at the Al-Sarjah Auditorium, Khartoum University. There were 114 graduation participants including 5 people at the postgraduate level (S2).

Also present at this year’s PPI graduation, namely Prof. Dr. Zamzami Basyir, representing the Chancellor of the African International University and Prof. Dr. Solahuddin Al Hadi represented the Chancellor of Al Karim University of Al Quran and Islamic Sciences, Omdurman.

PF. The Social and Cultural Center of the Indonesian Embassy in Khartoum, Musurifun Lajawa representing Ambassador Sunarko attended and delivered remarks at the graduation ceremony with the theme “Strengthen the Islamic Spirit, Inherit Syar’i Knowledge, Solemnity for the Nation.”

In his speech, PF. Pensosbud conveyed greetings of success from Ambassador Sunarko to all graduates, including high appreciation for the 10 outstanding graduates in 2023. The Ambassador did not have time to attend due to important business needs at the same time.

Next is PF. Pensosbud said that graduation is not the end in the context of long life education, because humans are learning creatures who never stop learning.

It is hoped that with the completion of their studies in Sudan, graduates will be able to take part and contribute and play an active role in the development and dissemination of moderate Islamic knowledge (al-ulum asyar’iyah) so that Indonesia can become a reference for washatiyah Islam to the world.

Meanwhile, campus representatives in Sudan expressed their congratulations and high appreciation to the Indonesian graduates who had studied hard, were steadfast and always prayed while studying in Sudan.

Indonesian students are not only outstanding but also very active in campus activities and have noble character.

At the end of the event, the graduates witnessed online advice from Indonesian Ulama and Omdurman Islamic University Doctoral Alumni, Prof. H. Abdul Somad Lc., D.E.S.A., Ph.D. who conveyed the importance of the 5 main points that Middle Eastern students must have in order to maximize their contribution to Indonesia, namely; Study Success, Talaqqi Success, Organization Success, Methodology Success and Communication Success.​

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