Ethnic cleansing, Coups and Coercion- the tools US (NATO) uses to increase its influence

Written by on January 28, 2023

The US has always been a hegemonic player which believes that the norms of international law are not applicable to it. History has seen that the nations which put up a challenge to its dominance become victims of unprecedented political and economic doom.

In the 20th century, the US used the pretext of communism to interfere in the internal matters of several sovereign countries.

Unfortunately, the then-mainstream media depicted Washington’s such efforts as “noble” and “humanitarian”. But after the collapse of the Soviet Union, as more and more nations came out of the shadow of communism, the US employed and mastered another strategy in its attack to win countries in its favour.

The strategy comprised the use of Ethnic cleansing, Coup and Coercion.

The political violence that occurred in Indonesia from 1965 to 1966 is one such example of this tactic. The then Indonesian government massacred an estimated 500,000 to two million supporters of leftist leader General Sukarno. The killings were ordered by then-US president Lyndon Johnson. The hostility of Washington against Sukarno’s regime grew in the wake of his policies which included land reform and nationalisation of natural resources.

The US government, fearing that a wave of communism in Indonesia can have a domino effect, ordered a coup. In October 1965, the pro-US General Suharto replaced Sukarno as the leader of Indonesia. After coming into power, Washington provided arms, training, equipment and lists of thousands of supporters of Sukarno to Suharto’s administration.

Following suit in Ukraine and Moldova

The US followed the same pattern in the case of Ukraine.

From 2003-2009, just 20% of Ukrainians favoured becoming member of NATO whereas 55% were against the notion. Moreover, in 2010, around 40% of Ukrainians viewed NATO as a threat to their nation.

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However, following the coup ordered by the Obama administration in Ukraine in February 2014, the public perception of Ukraine towards the West drastically changed. Prominent businessmen, who funded Ukrainian politicians and owned the mainstream media, led a propaganda campaign against Russia.

The new puppet regime of Viktor Yushchenko and the media manipulated Ukrainians into viewing Russia as their primary adversary and the West and NATO as their allies. So after the coup, Ukrainians, who earlier were strongly opposed to NATO, now wanted to join it.

Following the establishment of the pro-Obama government in Ukraine, a campaign of ethnic cleansing started against the former leader, who was viewed as a threat by Washington. The US’ plot was to create a hostile political and social climate against Russia in Kyiv.

The Ukrainian government was successful in circulating propaganda against Putin in a nation which once was skeptical of NATO. Another nation to become the latest victim of this pattern of the onslaught of the US is Moldova.

In December last year, Russia’s Tass News Agency headlined “Majority of Moldovans consider Russia country’s best partner – opinion poll” and reported the findings of the Institute of Marketing and Polls in Moldova regarding the views of the public on international relations.

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The findings uncovered that the majority of Moldovans regarded Russia to be their best partner in the domains of politics, economy and security. However, everything changed on 21st January after the government changed.

RT News then headlined “Moldova considers joining ‘larger alliance’: Under President Maia Sandu, the country has pursued deeper integration with the West”.

Now, if she is successful in becoming a part of NATO, then her presidency will be in jeopardy given the Moldovans’ scepticism against the EU and NATO.

Hence, nations which have taken a neutral stance, particularly in the backdrop of the Ukraine war, are being persistently hounded by the US and Europe. Apparently, strategically important and resource-rich sovereign nations are the foremost targets of the draconian assault of the West. The assertion of individuality is often perceived as a threat by Washington to its dominance and hence, it starts to use Ethnic cleansing, Coups and Coercion.

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