Rev Run offers advice to those wanting a long-lasting marriage: “The marriage that prays together, stays together”  – Music News

Written by on April 28, 2020

ABC/Lorenzo BevilaquaJoseph “Rev Run” Simmons and his wife Justine have relied on “old school principals” to get them through the ups and down of their 20-plus year marriage. 

With the 2020 release of their relationship book, Old School Love: And Why it Works, Run tells ABC Audio that their “old school love” has really been based upon their maturity and lessons learned.

“When you think of old school love, I want to talk about different categories of love. One is responsible love,” he says. “If you’re not responsible, you can’t have love. And I’ll tell people, love is grown folks business.”

“It’s nothing where you can just wake up and like, ‘Oh, I love you. I look in your eyes, we’re doing well,'” he continues. “It’s not so much looking in your mate’s eyes as looking in the same direction.”

Run says it’s also important that a couple asks each other hard-hitting questions, like, “‘Are we on the same page? Are you communicating?”

Of course, as a practicing minister, the hip-hop legend advises that a successful and lasting marriage should also be based on “biblical principles.”

“And this book lays on the principles and foundation of faith in God,” Run says. “Putting God first. You know, the family that prays together stays together. The marriage that prays together, stays together.” 

Rev. Run and Justine’s Old School Love: And Why it Works is available for purchase.


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