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Who Can Live in a House During Probate? In regards to the question of who is able to are now living in a house during probate, there are always a few items that have to be taken into account. Firstly, if the property is owned jointly then both owners have equal rights over living in […]

Tax Consequences of Buying Your Parents’ House When one is looking to purchase a property from their parents, they must consider the tax consequences that come with it. Whether buying in cash or through mortgage payments, taxes can always be due on this sort of real-estate transaction. Based on if the sale price is less […]

Can You Turn Off Utilities on a Squatter? It’s possible to find themselves wondering when it is possible to turn off utilities on a squatter. The answer typically depends upon the applicable state and local laws, but in most situations, it is yes. Before turning off the utility services from occupants who don’t hold legal […]

Can a Hospital Put a Lien on Your House? As it pertains to medical bills, a hospital can attempt to put a lien on one’s house when they fail to pay for the bill. Which means that any profits from the sale of their house would go towards paying off outstanding debt incurred by not […]

Tiny Black Bugs Look Like Poppy Seeds Many people have seen tiny black bugs that seem like poppy seeds scurrying around on the ground or walls, often in large numbers. These little pests are far more common than it’s possible to think and may cause disturbances to a house if left unmanaged. While these small […]

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