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Image: Warner Bros./DC Comics In two weeks time, Warner Bros. will finally release The Flash, its loooooooong in development superhero movie. So much of the movie’s marketing has been playing up the movie as an epic team-up between Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen, Michael Keaton’s returning Batman, and newcomer Sasha Calle as Supergirl. You’d think there […]

What are you smiling at, Superman?Image: DC Comics It’s been an exciting week for fans of superhero movies, especially if you love DC Comics. This week, James Gunn and Peter Safran, who together run DC Studios at Warner Bros., revealed the start of their 8-10 year plan to bring DC heroes like Batman, Superman, and […]

Turner Classic Movies host Ben Mankiewicz in 2018Photo: Tara Ziembra (Getty Images) Sure, last year’s Warner Bros. Discovery merger meant that the new media giant immediately became more known for canceling movies and shows than releasing them, but that’s apparently all in the past. Given that Turner Classic Movies is a subsidiary of Warner Bros., […]

Doom PatrolPhoto: Dan McFadden/HBO Max HBO Max might be done cancelling shows en masse as part of complicated tax shenanigans, but that doesn’t mean it’s, you know, done canceling shows. Specifically, the streamer announced today that the next half-seasons of its two live-action superhero shows, Titans and Doom Patrol, will now be each show’s last, […]

Daveed DiggsPhoto: TNT Well, this is just getting goddamn ridiculous at this point: Deadline reports that yet another network has decided to shitcan one of its shows, after already filming an entire season of it, with news breaking today that the fourth season of Snowpiercer won’t be airing on TNT. (Which, shock of shocks, is […]

A wise woman once said, “Velma-behaved women seldom make history.” Wait, that’s wrong. “Well-behaved women seldom make Jinkies”? No, that doesn’t seem quite right either. “Vel-behaved women seldom lose their glasses”? Whatever the phrase might be, it’s never been more true than for a certain member of Mystery Inc. The precocious group of supernatural mystery […]

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