Nick J./iStockBy LUIS MARTINEZ, ABC News (WASHINGTON) — At least one Marine is dead and eight others are missing after a “mishap” involving an amphibious assault vehicle off the California coast, officials said. Eight other Marines, including the one who died, were recovered off San Clemente Island after the amphibious assault vehicle (AAV) they were […]

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ABC News/KTSPBY: IVAN PEREIRA (MINNEAPOLIS) — Nearly two months after George Floyd died at the hand of Minneapolis police officers, Minnesota state leaders approved a comprehensive police reform bill that included a ban on chokeholds and what it deemed “warrior-style training.” The state Legislature passed the bill during the early morning hours Tuesday. Gov. Tim […]

LukaTDB/iStockBY: IVAN PEREIRA, ABC NEWS (WASHINGTON) — It’s a scenario that you’ve likely heard about from time to time. Police are sent to respond to a call of a mental health emergency and in some cases, there are tragic results. While some departments have implemented protocols to address these situations, sending in teams of experienced […]

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