I had an awesome weekend in #Bimini with #DavidETalbert and #LynSissonTalbert!! Maybe what happened will be the subject of a movie one day… 🤔 SUBSCRIBE http://bit.ly/2zoGO7y MORE VIDEOS https://bit.ly/3tj12J7 WEBSITE https://RickeySmiley.com/ FOLLOW Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RickeySmileyOfficial/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rickeysmileyofficial/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/RickeySmiley #RickeySmiley

David E. Talbert directed the holiday film “Jingle Jangle” and it’s doing really well on @Netflix!! Listen to him talk about the scene he had in there to show some love to Black fraternities and sororities!! Did you enjoy “Jingle Jangle”?? SUBSCRIBE http://bit.ly/2zoGO7y MORE VIDEOS bit.ly/2R5Ohzk WEBSITE RickeySmiley.com FOLLOW Facebook: bit.ly/2Kq30mc Instagram: bit.ly/2zmqjc4 Twitter: bit.ly/2TCMOSy […]

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