Countless people are mourning Chadwick Boseman after learning he passed away from colon cancer. Listen to Dr. MJ Collier share some tips that can lower the chance of getting colon cancer or colorectal cancer. SUBSCRIBE http://bit.ly/2zoGO7y MORE VIDEOS bit.ly/2R5Ohzk WEBSITE RickeySmiley.com FOLLOW Facebook: bit.ly/2Kq30mc Instagram: bit.ly/2zmqjc4 Twitter: bit.ly/2TCMOSy

We’ve been playing part of a Rev. Dr. Howard-John Wesley sermon for weeks now, and today we had him on the show. Listen to him explain why Black people in America may get less justice if Donald J. Trump is reelected. Watch Pastor Wesley’s powerful message here: bit.ly/3nk4T6X SUBSCRIBE http://bit.ly/2zoGO7y MORE VIDEOS bit.ly/2R5Ohzk WEBSITE RickeySmiley.com […]

New Examine Stories “Illness Threat and Well being Take a look at Market 2020 International Market Alternatives, Challenges, Methods and Forecasts 2026” has been Added on WiseGuyReports. Introduction/Report Abstract: This report gives in depth research of “Disease Risk and Health Test Market” utilizing SWOT evaluation i.e. Energy, Weak point, Alternatives and Menace to the group. The Illness Threat […]

ABC NewsBY: BRITTANY BORER, ABC NEWS (NEW YORK) — Several daily high temperature records were broken from Washington State to Texas on Saturday like in Shreveport, Louisiana, which hit its first 100-degree day of the year. Today, we expect more of the same across the western third of the country and parts of Texas with […]

Dr. Collier explains that your #quarantine 15-pound weight gain could be a matter of life or death with the #coronavirus updates. See more at the https://rickeysmileymorningshow.com! * https://facebook.com/rickeysmileymorningshow * https://instagram.com/rickeysmileymorningshow * https://twitter.com/thersms #RickeySmileyMorningShow

JulNichols/iStockBY: WILLIAM MANSELL, ABC NEWS (NEW YORK) — Even before the global coronavirus pandemic forced people to stay inside and businesses to close in a largely unprecedented way, summer months strained electrical grids. The oppressive heat forces residential and commercial units alike to crank up the air conditioning, causing a significant increase in power usage […]

ABC N ews By: DANIEL MANZO, ABC News (NEW YORK) — The latest round of severe summer storms brought at least 100 reports of severe weather in various parts of the U.S. The two main clusters were in parts of the Northeast, where gusty winds, and heavy rain moved through parts of Maryland, Delaware and […]

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