Tim Whitby/Getty ImagesIn a wide-ranging, Hollywood Reporter oral history about the making of the groundbreaking 2000 movie X-Men — complete with backstage drama, lawsuits, and sexual abuse allegations against director Bryan Singer — was buried an interesting nugget: Michael Jackson tried to get himself to play Professor Xavier in the film.  The role of the powerful mutant eventually went to Patrick Stewart, who already bore […]

Yesterday we talked about the Ball State University professor who called the police on a student for sitting in the wrong seat, and here’s what some of our listeners said about the situation. What do you think?? SUBSCRIBE MORE VIDEOS WEBSITE FOLLOW Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: #RickeySmiley

iStock/sshepardBy: JON HAWORTH, ABC News (NEW YORK) — A college professor been placed on administrative leave following a racist incident where he refused to call a student by her given name and instructed her — twice — to “anglicize” her name. Phuc Bui Diem Nguyen, a Vietnamese American freshman college student at Laney College in […]

Was this Ball State University student wrong for not sitting in his assigned seat, or was the professor wrong for calling the police?? SUBSCRIBE …

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GoodLifeStudio/iStockBy LUKE BARR, ABC News (WASHINGTON) — The government on Monday unsealed a wire fraud charge against a University of Arkansas professor and NASA researcher with ties to the Chinese government. Simon Saw-Teong Ang allegedly failed to disclose ties with the Chinese government and Chinese companies while also being employed as a professor at the […]

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