Philip Smith is the President & Founder of the National African American Gun Association, and he told us how to avoid mistakes first-time gun owners usually make SUBSCRIBE http://bit.ly/2zoGO7y MORE VIDEOS bit.ly/2R5Ohzk WEBSITE RickeySmiley.com FOLLOW Facebook: bit.ly/2Kq30mc Instagram: bit.ly/2zmqjc4 Twitter: bit.ly/2TCMOSy

Vetster Founder and CEO Mark Bordo and Medical Director Dr. Sarah Machell offer tips for pet owners who travel with their animals in interview with #RIckeySmileyMorningShow managing editor @AliyaFaust. See more at the https://rickeysmileymorningshow.com! * https://facebook.com/rickeysmileymorningshow * https://instagram.com/rickeysmileymorningshow * https://twitter.com/thersms

ABC NewsBy ASHLEY RIGGLE, MARJORIE MCAFFEE, and ANTHONY RIVAS, ABC News (LOS ANGELES) — As Los Angeles edges out of the most restrictive tier in its covid-19 reopening plan, small business owners who’ve struggled to stay afloat say that whatever hope it brings is mixed with feelings of frustration and anger. For many of the […]

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