Reverend #RaphaelWarnock joins the show to discuss Georgia and why he knows that he will be the best candidate for the #USSenate. See more at the! * * * #RickeySmileyMorningShow

Tory Lanez was in a car accident, but he doesn’t think it was an accident at all. Listen to @DABRATTV talk about this and several other stories in this #HotSpot. SUBSCRIBE MORE VIDEOS WEBSITE FOLLOW Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:

It looks like Rock-T woke up on the right side of the bed this morning and is feeling pretty confident about his picks this week. Last week he was 10-3 and he mentioned that’s why people call him the “sports genius.” He believes that Saints will win against the Bills and has the Bears taking […]

See more at the! * * * #RickeySmileyMorningShow

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