Here’s What Happened When Cam Newton Signed With The New England Patriots

Written by on June 30, 2020

In the plot twist of all plot twists, former Carolina Panthers MVP Quarterback Cam Newton joined the New England Patriots (yep, those New England Patriots) in a shocking move by the, uh, unseasoned NFL franchise desperately hoping to bounce back after a disappointing season.

This comes just months after the storied organization’s messy breakup with living legend Tom Brady who lead their scandal-plagued dynasty that now belongs to a healthy, motivated and fertile Cam who vows to make everyone pay after being dumped by the Panthers.

Whether this is a great or terrible idea, we’re not quite sure, but we DO know Cam’s about to get some extravagant rich auntie outfits off in that Boston cold.

Peep the petty chitter-chatter over Cam signing with the Patriots on the flip.

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