Eric Benet and Tamia sing the classic duet “Spend My Life With You” online

Written by on May 23, 2020

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Tamia and Eric Benet treated the internet to something special yesterday and we should all be grateful for their generosity because it is truly a gift to be able to hear the sounds of their voices.

The duo linked up online to sing their timeless classic “Spend My Life With You”. They sang it so damn good that we were ready to propose to the first half-baddie we half-see behind a COVID-19 protective face mask. Seriously, it’s magical.

We’re not sure what kind of day you’re having but we can assure you that watching the video below will make it infinitely better. Do yourself a solid and grab some tissues just in case you shed a thug tear.

Without further ado, Tamia and Eric Benet…

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