Yoko Ono claims she takes 4-mile walks — despite being ‘wheelchair-bound’

Written by on January 28, 2023

Yoko Ono goes for 4-mile walks to beat depression.

The 89-year-old widow of The Beatles’ John Lennon — who is said to be struggling with mobility issues — shared the practice she follows to keep a clear mind.

“There’s something I do to get out of depression. I walk about 80 city blocks,” Ono, who lives in New York City, tweeted on Wednesday. “That gives me a real high.”

The average length of a north-south block in Manhattan runs approximately 264 feet, which means there are about 20 blocks per mile, according to StreetEasy. That means Ono’s routine hot girl walks would be 4 miles long.

Ono has stayed out of the spotlight in recent years amid rumors that her health is declining. In 2017, her son Sean Lennon, now 47, pushed her in a wheelchair to receive the National Music Publishers’ Association’s Centennial Song award.

“I’ve learned so much from having this illness,” Ono said during her acceptance speech. “I’m thankful I went through that.”

It is still unclear what illness she was referring to, but in 2020, a source close to her staff told The Post that the avant-garde artist requires round-the-clock care and rarely leaves her sprawling apartment in the Dakota.

Yoko Ono goes for 4-mile walks to beat depression
Ono, 89, has hidden from the spotlight in recent years.
Jam Press

But in photos taken at her rare public appearances — like a women’s march in January 2019 and at a celebration of John Lennon in Liverpool in May 2018 — Ono was either confined to a wheelchair or heavily leaning on a cane, with Sean or a caregiver there for support.

“She has definitely slowed down, like anyone at that age,” Elliot Mintz, a close family friend, said in 2020. “But she is as sharp as she once was.”

Mintz has known Ono for nearly 50 years and has acted as a family spokesman, representing the Lennon estate since the former Beatle’s murder in December 1980.

Ono is 89 years old
Ono lives in New York City, where she claims to take 80-block walks.
Jam Press

Yoko Ono goes on walks
A friend close to Ono told The Post in 2020 that her mobility has “slowed down.”
Jam Press

Born in Tokyo, Japan, in 1933, Ono was born into a banking family who suffered from starvation during World War II. They were often forced to barter household items for food while they sought refuge from Allied bombing raids.

“She is a particularly special being,” Mintz said. “In these 87 years, she’s lived 400.”

The Post has reached out to representatives for Ono for comment.

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